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Technology is obviously a critical component of this data consulting business. It will be important to stay up to date on both equipment and knowledge to remain competitive in the future.

Fulfillment of services will be provided exclusively by 3PDCC's owner.

The company will conduct small research studies in several areas in line with 15-year experience of its owner, especially in the following topics:

• Social surveys • Refugee and Migration Statistics • Health Researches including statistical advise on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and Gender Based Violence (GBV) • Biostatistics • Researches on development related issues

3PDCC’s owner has intensive experience and knowledge on design and implementation of social research activities. She has conducted numerous number of research studies in different topics, such as Health, Humanitarian Aid, Conflicts, Social Inclusion, Human Development and Capacity Building.

Data collection is an important part of research activities. It is impossible to effective research studies without availability of reliable data. Therefore, 3PDCC will give high priority on data quality and reliable data collection. 3PDCC will conduct qualitative and quantitative data collection, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, interviews with key informants and literature review.

The company will provide tailored and structured training courses on statistics. According to identified the requirements of customers, the company will offer the most appropriate solution to meet them. 3PDCC customizes the training content by the needs of customers and offers practical and solution-oriented trainings. These can be given in more detail as follows:

• Sampling methods • Survey design • Data analysis techniques • Statistical package programmes

It covers short term assignment helping the companies, researchers or people to solve their data-related problem.

3PDCC will serve the customers analyzing the data collected (quantitative & qualitative), using appropriate statistical tools and statistical softwares.

As expressed in the first section, Big Data industry is rising in the World as in UK. According to United Nations (UN) statistical documents, the huge volume of digital data derived from all types of human activities is being increasingly exploited to produce statistical figures. Using Big Data would necessitate moving away from exclusive dependence on statistical methods that cannot handle huge volumes of information. Instead, a more diverse set of tools should be adopted. In this respect, the company will find insights that help organizations make better business decisions with its knowledge of SAS and R softwares. It will examine raw data with the purpose of finding patterns and drawing conclusions

Monitoring and Evaluation activities of international programmes by collecting, processing, reporting of the data is another service area for the company.

3PDCC’s owner has strong experience on development and implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities for programmes and projects. Data collection and analysis which are the expertise of 3PDCC, are important elements of any Monitoring and Evaluation Activity. 3PDCC has developed its own data and project monitoring platform which enables project stakeholders to monitor data collection.

The owner of the Company developes sampling design for national and regional level surveys for well-known organizations like UN. Furthermore, she has sound knowledge and experience on monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals.

The services which will be provided to the customers can be summarised as follows:

• Develop questionnaires, monitoring tools (creating checklists) • Maintain database with raw data collected from service delivery units and customers in an electronic format (SPSS, SAS etc.)

The company will take the role as Project Consultant in the international projects including project for developing countries and in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.